Magic & Mechanika

Magic & Mechanika: Episode 3

The Restless Dead of Weybury, Part II

Day Five: Saturday June 16, 1370 CI
The banishment of the restless wraith left our heroes with a renewed determination to find the solution to Weybury’s vampire problem. In the morning, Hudson Morgan, adventurer extraordinaire, returned once again to the church of Pelor, this time seeking the light’s blessing to combat the undead scourge. In doing so, he was introduced to an itinerant elven priest named Ilyrion. Meanwhile, Lord Roderick began another project to magically augment Ricardo’s fists. Ricardo Tempesta himself wandered aimlessly, inquiring about the vampire attacks. Finally, the four converged at a tavern for lunch; Ilyrion was introduced to Ricardo and Lord Roderick, and agreed to assist them in hunting the vampire. Their discussion was soon interrupted, however, by a scream Dashing outside to investigate, the quartet discovered a crowd rapidly forming around the church. A nearer inspection revealed that a body had been staked to the door, a blood-stained note pinned to his chest with a holy silver stake. The scream had come from a young girl, who gave her name as Joanna and told of a man in a heavy cloak and bearing a distinctive signet fleeing from the scene, though she was too upset to recall more. The corpse, revealed to be that of Brother Morton, was fresh; he appeared to have been killed by impalement, as no further marks were visible on him. the note, in a neat hand, read simply “The Light is no protection.” Lord Roderick, in an attempt to learn more, spoke to the rats beneath the temple step, learning that two vampires had likely been there, based on the scents.

Investigation in the library revealed the familiar signet crest to be that of the Andreus family, and further study showed that the Andreus family was given to produce an uncanny sort every fourth generation, the last having been Johnson Andreus’s great-grandfather Bjorn the necromancer. With this revelation, Lord Roderick confronted Mr. Andreus, who seemed dismayed by the possibility one of his house might be involved and promised to look into the family records. The four chose to take a room nearby and observe the house for the night, though they abandoned the watch when Ilyrion spotted neither Johnson Andreus nor any trace of undeath in the upper floors of the house. The four then resorted to combing the waterfront district, in which a number of the murders had taken place, speaking with every animal they found. Of these, only a lone bat reported having seen a figure matching the description they had received at the church.

Day Six: Sunday June 17, 1370 CI
The next morning, our heroes returned once more to the temple of Pelor, this time to speak to the spirit of the late Brother Morton. After securing the consent of the priests, Ilyrion cast the spell. From the dead exorcist, the four learned that he was slain by one of at least three spawn, that one of the vampires was named “Tarsus,” and that he did not know whether the Andreus family was directly involved in the matter. The keen recollection of one of the clerics revealed that “Tarsus” had been graven on the bracelet of Joanna, the girl the previous day.

Look forward to the return of our heroes in “The Restless Dead of Weybury, Part III” in one week’s time!

Bonus Preview!
A mysterious artifact! Assassins in Le Musee d’Arte Merinois! An threat born millennia long past! Should our heroes triumph over “The Restless Dead of Weybury,” then they will face foes both strange and yet perhaps all too terribly familiar in “The Mask of the Black Pharaoh!”



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