Magic & Mechanika

Magic & Mechanika: Episode 3
The Restless Dead of Weybury, Part II

Day Five: Saturday June 16, 1370 CI
The banishment of the restless wraith left our heroes with a renewed determination to find the solution to Weybury’s vampire problem. In the morning, Hudson Morgan, adventurer extraordinaire, returned once again to the church of Pelor, this time seeking the light’s blessing to combat the undead scourge. In doing so, he was introduced to an itinerant elven priest named Ilyrion. Meanwhile, Lord Roderick began another project to magically augment Ricardo’s fists. Ricardo Tempesta himself wandered aimlessly, inquiring about the vampire attacks. Finally, the four converged at a tavern for lunch; Ilyrion was introduced to Ricardo and Lord Roderick, and agreed to assist them in hunting the vampire. Their discussion was soon interrupted, however, by a scream Dashing outside to investigate, the quartet discovered a crowd rapidly forming around the church. A nearer inspection revealed that a body had been staked to the door, a blood-stained note pinned to his chest with a holy silver stake. The scream had come from a young girl, who gave her name as Joanna and told of a man in a heavy cloak and bearing a distinctive signet fleeing from the scene, though she was too upset to recall more. The corpse, revealed to be that of Brother Morton, was fresh; he appeared to have been killed by impalement, as no further marks were visible on him. the note, in a neat hand, read simply “The Light is no protection.” Lord Roderick, in an attempt to learn more, spoke to the rats beneath the temple step, learning that two vampires had likely been there, based on the scents.

Investigation in the library revealed the familiar signet crest to be that of the Andreus family, and further study showed that the Andreus family was given to produce an uncanny sort every fourth generation, the last having been Johnson Andreus’s great-grandfather Bjorn the necromancer. With this revelation, Lord Roderick confronted Mr. Andreus, who seemed dismayed by the possibility one of his house might be involved and promised to look into the family records. The four chose to take a room nearby and observe the house for the night, though they abandoned the watch when Ilyrion spotted neither Johnson Andreus nor any trace of undeath in the upper floors of the house. The four then resorted to combing the waterfront district, in which a number of the murders had taken place, speaking with every animal they found. Of these, only a lone bat reported having seen a figure matching the description they had received at the church.

Day Six: Sunday June 17, 1370 CI
The next morning, our heroes returned once more to the temple of Pelor, this time to speak to the spirit of the late Brother Morton. After securing the consent of the priests, Ilyrion cast the spell. From the dead exorcist, the four learned that he was slain by one of at least three spawn, that one of the vampires was named “Tarsus,” and that he did not know whether the Andreus family was directly involved in the matter. The keen recollection of one of the clerics revealed that “Tarsus” had been graven on the bracelet of Joanna, the girl the previous day.

Look forward to the return of our heroes in “The Restless Dead of Weybury, Part III” in one week’s time!

Bonus Preview!
A mysterious artifact! Assassins in Le Musee d’Arte Merinois! An threat born millennia long past! Should our heroes triumph over “The Restless Dead of Weybury,” then they will face foes both strange and yet perhaps all too terribly familiar in “The Mask of the Black Pharaoh!”

Magic & Mechanika: Episode 2
The Restless Dead of Weybury, Part I

Day One: Tuesday June 12, 1370 CI
After arriving in Weybury, our heroes went their separate ways. An evening edition of the town newspaper, however, soon caught their attention; a series of gruesome murders had plagued the town of late, and each victim bore the mark of a vampire’s bite. Intrigued, Hudson sought out Lord Roderick and proposed that the pair investigate. Roderick assented, suggesting also that they should extend the offer to their new acquaintance.

Day Two: Wednesday June 13, 1370 CI
The pair found Ricardo Tempesta attempting to hide, and, after a rocky reunion, secured his aid in their endeavor with the promise of coin. Knowing that the Pelorite clergy often supported undead slayers, our heroes sought out the local temple for information. They learned there that the exorcist and undead hunter Brother Morton had gone unheard from for four days. After that, the trio investigated the local graveyard, learning that Brother Morton had gone there recently to investigate a break-in at the Andreus crypt. Investigation of the crypt turned up only a wraith, who ordered them out. The groundskeeper identified the restless spirit as one Bjorn Andreus, a persistent wraith who had been exorcised several times before and returned.

Day Three: Thursday June 14, 1370 CI
The next day, Lord Roderick set about investigating the Andreus family, learning that they had once operated a profitable trading company on the Cayr River before factory development had rendered the waterway undesirable. Since then, the family had dwindled, though they still operated a banking house of some repute. Roderick arranged an appointment with the current head of the family, Johnson Andreus. After a brief conversation, Lord Roderick agreed to lay old Bjorn to rest. Another trip and a donation to the temple of Pelor secured the trio ten pints of holy water. Roderick, meanwhile, began constructing a set of handwraps to enchant Ricardo’s fists to be able to strike the wraith.

Day Four: Friday June 15, 1370 CI
Not wanting to delay while there was still danger to the community, our heroes searched for a temporary solution to Ricardo’s problem in the form of a scroll of Magic Fang. That found, the three returned to the crypt to confront Bjorn Andreus and end his malicious haunting. The wraith, however, was loathe to emerge in daylight, and only the disruption of one of the crypt’s sarcophagi prompted him to attack. The battle that followed was a desparate one as the irate spirit faded in and out of the walls of the crypt to strike, while the heroes splashed it with holy water as it appeared. A.G.E.N.C.Y. was banished back to Roderick’s shop, too damaged to continue, and none of the living combatants were left unscathed by the wraith’s draining touch. In the end, though, the living triumphed over the power of undeath. Setting to work, Ricardo followed the floor pattern back to the diamond stone in the center and pried it up, revealing a box containing the amulet serving as the reservoir permitting Bjorn’s return. They solved that problem by breaking the wards with a dose of holy water and the excessive application of explosives, courtesy of Hudson Morgan.

Magic & Mechanika: Episode 1
Forged in Battle

Day One: Tuesday June 12, 1370 CI

As the campaign began, our heroes embarked on a short voyage aboard the airship Essenburg, bound for the factory town of Weybury. All was well until halfway through the leisurely four hour trip, when raised voices and a single gunshot were heard below. In the lower passenger deck, former mafioso and brawler Ricardo Tempesta crept down the gangway to investigate, joined after a moment by alchemist-adventurer Hudson Morgan. In first class, meanwhile, Lord Roderick von Fredrickson sent his mechanikal companion A.G.E.N.C.Y. below to do a bit of investigation on its own. The trio discovered a troupe of armed Forged occupying the hold. A student of the Oriental fighting arts, Ricardo attempted to distract the hijackers with a shuriken, but poor stealth on his and and A.G.E.N.C.Y.‘s parts drew their attention. Alerted by his construct, Lord Roderick hurried to the lower passenger deck just as battle between the Forged and our heroes erupted. A.G.E.N.C.Y.’s pounce distracted the nearest gunman long enough for Ricardo to finish him, while Hudson drank one of his alchemical concoctions and turned himself invisible. Lord Roderick’s magic paralyzed one of the Forged just in time for Hudson to reveal himself with a killing headshot to the disabled enemy. The final Forged surrendered, seeing the fate of his allies.

After a brief round of introductions and the reacquaintance of Roderick and Hudson, the trio made their move on the remaining hijackers in the cockpit. Ricardo threw open the door, only to be met by a shotgun blast. Hudson, meanwhile, unleashed both of his pistols on the Forged within the room while A.G.E.N.C.Y. charged in. A swift healing from Lord Roderick allowed Ricardo to enter the fray, and he soon accounted for a pair of Forged. These foes, however, were no pushovers. Their apparent leader, a human with twin revolvers, made use of his own invisibility to badly wound Ricardo and damage A.G.E.N.C.Y. before being cornered and leaping through a window to escape, relying on eldritch techniques to survive.

The captain of Essenburg, after being freed, soon set the airship right while Hudson reported the incident to the authorities. Due to the trio’s efforts, the trip was completed safely and on schedule.

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