It is 1370, by the Imperial Calendar. The Cumbrian Empire is the foremost power in the world, with colonies on every continent and a military second to none. Recent years have brought advances in every field, and industry has flourished. Magic, too, has become a great part of everyday life; alchemical concoctions are commonplace, and most households can claim at least a handful of minor items useful in daily life. The fusion of modern technology and the ancient art of golemcrafting has led to an explosion of mechanika, clockwork constructs imbued with life by arcane power.

Amidst the thunder of industry and at the forefront of the march of progress, heroes still stand and heed the call to adventure. This is the story of four such intrepid individuals. A gentleman of industry, heir apparent to the dark secrets of his family, tries to make a difference with his talents for magic and mechanikal design. An eccentric alchemist seeks for adventure, putting his abilities to work for gold, Gond, and glory. A two-fisted man of action, on the run from his mafia roots, tries to make a new life for himself. Fate brought these three together, and it falls to Fortune and Skill to see them through…

Magic & Mechanika

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